COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 65+

Are you over the age of 65? You may be eligible for a second COVID-19 bivalent dose. You can receive your second bivalent dose as soon as four months after your first bivalent dose. The second dose bivalent COVID-19 vaccine is available by appointment at Heartland Health Services Garden and Knoxville locations. Call 309-680-7600 to schedule your visit.


The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine protects your body against the original COVID-19 virus as well as the Omicron variants.


Common facts: 

  • The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine can be received four months after your first bivalent dose.
  • It is okay to get either the Pfizer or Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccine regardless of which one you received during your primary series. 
  • If you have health problems, or are considered immunocompromised, please consult your provider as the vaccination time frame may be different for you. For more information about the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine for moderate or severely immunocompromised individuals, please visit the CDC website.


See CDC website for additional information:

Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC



If you would like to schedule your booster, please call 309-680-7600 to schedule an appointment.