The Importance of Keeping Your Doctor Appointment

September 22, 2021  |  Andrea Miner, Heartland Health Services CHW-CAC

Scenario:  Today is Wednesday, March 31.  My doctor appointment is scheduled for 10am and it is 9:30am-I don’t feel like going so I’m not.  Today is not the day!  It’s just not a big deal if I no-show this appointment.


No-show appointments are a very big deal.  When a patient is a “no-show” for an appointment it can have direct impact on their health.  You ask what the important factors are of keeping my appointment. 


Factors to consider: 

-You may not be able to set another appointment when favorable to you.

-It’s an inconvenience to other patients and the provider/doctor.

-If you’re not seeing your provider as scheduled, could cause a delay in treatments and/or changes in medications.


No-shows have a direct impact on individuals’ health. When patients miss appointments, continuity of care is interrupted. Medication efficacy can’t be monitored regularly. Preventive services and screenings can’t be delivered in a timely manner. Acute illnesses are more likely to go untreated and become chronic conditions with complications. In short, missing an appointment can be severely detrimental to one’s health.


Reasons for missing an appointment:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Transportation issues
  3. Personal health issues
  4. Family/employer obligations
  5. Long wait times
  6. Bad weather
  7. Financial problems

All can be legitimate reasons. If and when any of these reasons arise before or on the day of your appointment, make sure to call at least an hour before your appointment to cancel and/or reschedule.  We highly encourage you to call 309.680.7600 or use MyChart to cancel/reschedule your appointment to avoid delays in your healthcare journey.


We here at Heartland Health Services want to continue to be your primary healthcare home.   We value your thoughts and opinions on how we can serve you better.  Our mission is to provide high quality healthcare services accessible to all.