Tips for Choosing a Provider/Doctor

September 22, 2021  |  Heartland Health Services Community Engagement Team

What Kind of Provider Do You Want?        

-YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.  You have a choice about the kind of provider/doctor you want.  Factors to consider your gender preference, new or more seasoned provider/doctor, and the location of the provider/doctor. 

-You should feel comfortable and safe with your provider/doctor.

-It's okay to ask questions if you feel confused or don't understand what your provider/doctor is saying.

-You should also feel comfortable to share your personal values/beliefs that affect your healthcare.


How do I find a provider/doctor?

-You can call the number on the back of your insurance card to find a provider/doctor.  Ask family and/or friends for suggestions.  Internet search is also a way to find a doctor/provide-be sure to read the reviews if this is the option you choose.


Primary Provider/Doctor

-Your primary provider/doctor will take care of your general health like regular check-ups. 

-If you have specific health issue, your provider/doctor may refer you to another professional for care:

        -Behavioral Health=Mental Health

        -Dermatology=Skin Disorders

        -Gynecology=Female Reproductive Health

        -Urology=Male Reproductive Health


Heartland Health Services Community Engagement Team can assist you with locating community resources, insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplace) enrollments, and financial assistance applications for Heartland Health Services, OSF, and Unity Point.  The engagement team can be reached at 309.680.7632, Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm or by email:  outreach/